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Care/of Announces Closure

Care/of is closing operations, canceling all subscriptions by June 17th. Explore future options and alternatives for your vitamin needs.

Derick Rodriguez

By Derick Rodriguez, Associate Editor

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Care/of, a leading health technology company known for its personalized vitamin recommendations, has announced that it will be ceasing operations. This unexpected news has left many loyal customers wondering what the future holds for their vitamin subscriptions and the brand itself.

Key takeaways

  • Care/of is ceasing operations due to lack of funding
  • All subscriptions will be canceled effective June 17th
  • The company is exploring future options but has no definitive updates at this time

    Company announcement: Closure and subscription cancellation

    In a heartfelt statement, Care/of expressed deep gratitude to its customers for their unwavering support over the years. The company highlighted the rewarding journey they had while helping people live healthier lives through their personalized vitamin packs. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, Care/of will be canceling all subscriptions effective June 17th and will no longer accept new orders.

    "First, we want to thank you for all of your support through the years. We feel lucky to have had a chance to help you live healthier. It has been fun and rewarding. We unfortunately no longer have funding to operate in the way we have been. This means that all subscriptions will be canceled effective June 17th, and we will no longer be accepting new orders."

    Big changes ahead

    This announcement marks a significant moment for the brand and its loyal customer base, many of whom have come to rely on the convenience and personalization that Care/of provided.

    Exploring future options

    Despite the closure, Care/of has indicated that they are actively exploring various options for the future of the brand. While there are no definitive updates at this time, the company remains hopeful about potential opportunities that might arise. These could include a re-launch, acquisition, or another form of business continuity.

    "We are actively exploring options for the brand but do not have anything definitive to communicate at this time. We hope to be in a place to share more soon."

    This statement leaves the door open for some possibilities, providing a glimmer of hope to customers and stakeholders who have valued Care/of's approach to personalized health.

    Impact on customers

    For current subscribers, the immediate concern is the cancellation of their vitamin packs. Care/of has assured customers that all subscriptions will be terminated as of June 17th. Customers with questions regarding their accounts or the transition process are encouraged to reach out to Care/of's customer service at help@takecareof.com.

    About Care/of

    Care/of has been a big player in the health technology sector, specializing in personalized vitamin recommendations. Their approach involved delivering monthly vitamin packs tailored to each customer's unique body, lifestyle, values, and health goals. This personalized service aimed to simplify the process of maintaining your health, making it more accessible and customized.

    Care/of was founded in 2016 by Craig Elbert and Akash Shah with the goal of providing tailored vitamin and supplement options through individualized supplement packs based on a 5-minute health questionnaire.

    The company quickly gained traction, raising $46 million in funding within two years. By 2020, Bayer acquired a 70% stake in Care/of for $225 million, integrating it into Bayer’s Consumer Health, North America portfolio.

    However, despite Bayer's significant revenue, financial challenges arose, including a decline in earnings and layoffs of 1,500 employees in early 2024 as part of the CEO's new operating plan. Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto in 2018 and the subsequent litigation over Monsanto's product Roundup added financial strain, with $11 billion spent on settlements in 2020 alone.

    Additional Insights and Financial Context

    Although the closure document was filed in April and cited "funding loss" as the reason, Bayer, Care/of's parent company, provided additional context. Christin Miller, Bayer's director of strategic communications, stated that "ceasing further investment in Care/of will allow Bayer to better invest in future innovations that help people manage their personal health. This includes investing in our current portfolio of brands to deliver innovation to our consumers and customers."

    Care/of customers received an email from co-founder and CEO Craig Elbert announcing the cessation of supplement orders and offering a multi-month purchase at a 40% discount until June 7. Elbert expressed gratitude for customer support and mentioned ongoing negotiations with potential outside parties.

    The Differentiation Argument

    In 2021, Care/of established retail relationships with major stores like Target, pricing its supplements competitively. However, experts noted that the company's market expansion may have lacked a clear point of difference. While Care/of's 5-minute survey differentiated it from other brands, more companies are using diagnostic tests for personalized nutrition.

    Joshua Anthony, founder and CEO of Nlumn, emphasized that Care/of’s approach of a quick survey appeals to those who prefer less invasive methods. Despite the competition, the personalized nutrition industry continues to grow, driven by the increasing interest in health and wellness among younger generations.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Care/of's closure.

    Final thoughts

    The closure of Care/of marks the end of a significant chapter in personalized health technology. Customers are advised to stay tuned for updates regarding any future developments.

    In the meantime, explore alternative options for your vitamin needs. For guidance, read our detailed guide: "How to Transition from Care/of to Other Vitamin Providers: A Step-by-Step Guide." Stay informed and make the best choices for your health and wellness journey.


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