About us

Get to know us! We are asking a lot of questions about you in our health quiz. It's only right we share about ourselves as well. We are an open book.


Our mission

At VitaRx, our mission is to simplify your path to a healthier life. We are dedicated to informing and empowering you, making it effortless to access the vitamins, minerals, and supplements your body needs. We strive to provide you with the tools to easily incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine.

Our values



Life can be hard. A core value for us is to make your health easier. We strive to remove barriers to achieving well-being. Our products are for everyone.



We continuously seek better ways to help our customers. Committed to staying at the forefront of health and wellness with a focus on scientific-based data.



We are committed to providing clear and honest information about our products with a core focus on quality at an affordable price.

Our story

What started with an exhausted, overworked college grad turned into a company led by an individual with a passion for helping others improve their daily lifestyle in the easiest way possible.

Our founder, Jesse Villanueva, made the decision to start VitaRx based on a personal experience with malnutrition. After working long hours for a tech startup company shortly after college, he felt exhausted in his daily life and began to realize that his health had become a secondary need in his life. After finally taking the time to meet with doctors and nutritionists, he took a blood panel test that indicated his diet was not providing him the essential nutrients his body needed.

Using supplements to fill in the holes of his diet, he felt considerably better in his daily life. Realizing how long it took to seek out doctors and take the necessary tests to figure out what supplements he needed, his goal was to find a faster and easier way to bring the same help to others. He then began working with doctors, dietitians and nutritionists to create the health quiz we use on our site today.

Why Puerto Rico

When choosing the headquarters of VitaRx, our founder, Jesse Villanueva, was very passionate about making it Puerto Rico. The reason for his passion was that he wanted to give back to the island where he was born.

In 2017, category 5 Hurricane Maria directly hit Puerto Rico; leaving the majority of the island displaced. Tragically, thousands passed away from not only the immediate damage caused by the hurricane but also a lack of resources in months to come. After seeing his friends, family, and the entire island devastated by the hurricane, Jesse made a vow to help in whatever way he could.

By choosing Puerto Rico as our home base, we are able to help the island through the employment of local young talent. along with direct contributions to local charities. VitaRx partners with multiple charities both locally and worldwide; primarily focusing on those that provide essential nutrients to young mothers in need.


Meet the team



When he’s not thinking of new innovative ideas to improve VitaRx, he is either working out or spending time with his family, hopefully at the beach.



Focused on keeping the company moving towards its core goals; Drew also tries to make time with his miniature dachshund, Alfred, and traveling to experience new cultures when possible.



Master chief of process innovation with a sprinkle of engineering wizardry; Joel also enjoys relaxing at the beautiful beaches here in Puerto Rico on the weekends.



Tech wizard who enjoys exercise. From juggling codes to kettlebells; with a heart for family fun.



A seasoned strategist and editor leading our content team ensuring all info is accurate and up to date. Always promoting a holistic approach to living a health-conscious lifestyle.



Dedicated to making sure VitaRx customers have the best experience possible when interacting with our site. In his free time, Blake enjoys surfing, traveling, and hiking.



After number crunching and taking care of the finances, you can catch Trevor cheering on his kids at the local sports fields and then enjoying a new restaurant with a view.