Dr. Dimitar Marinov

Dr. Dimitar Marinov

Fact checker


Research and preventive and clinical medicine.


MD and PhD from Medical University of Varna

Featured in

ResearchGate, Insider, Healthline, Reader’s Digest, The Huffington Post, Yahoo.com, Fatherly, Money.com, MSN, Fox News, Your Eternal Health, Best HGH Doctors and Clinics

Dr. Dimitar Marinov


Dr. Marinov has years of experience in scientific research and preventive and clinical medicine. His publications in peer-reviewed journals are on nutritional status, physical activity, and musculoskeletal disorders among adolescents.

Experience Highlights

  • Engaged in Nutrition and Dietetics since September 2017, with notable media citations and extensive freelance writing.

  • Authored several papers in peer-reviewed journals on nutrition, eating disorders, and adolescent health.

  • Cited by Fox News, Insider, Healthline, and other prominent platforms for expertise in medical and nutritional topics.