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5 of the Best Vegan Supplements for Plant-Based Bodybuilders

Discover top vegan supplements for bodybuilding, including muscle-recovery aid Ashwagandha and essential nutrients like Iron and Vitamin C. Boost your plant-based fitness with our convenient and effective options.

Derick Rodriguez

By Derick Rodriguez, Associate Editor

Edited by Yerain Abreu, M.S.

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Bodybuilding is all about developing your muscular physique for aesthetics. It's mostly about physical appearance as opposed to strength, so it's important to find workout supplements that are a convenient way to help with meeting nutritional needs to recover from workouts and build muscle. But can you be a bodybuilder as a vegan?

If so, which supplements or multivitamins are ideal for bodybuilding? Can you still take supplements on a vegan diet? What are the essential nutrients for bodybuilding? If these are some of your questions, you'll be glad to find that there are excellent vegan supplements available on our site for those who don't consume animal products. Check out some of the best vegan supplements for bodybuilding below.

    1. Ashwagandha

    This is a great supplement for muscle recovery. It reduces inflammation after your workouts and helps your body adapt to physical stress.

    If you're looking to improve your energy levels, this is one of the essentials you'll want to supplement. This potent herb is a vegan supplement that is great for greater exercise performance and recovery.

    2. Iron

    Iron is often found in animal products. This is one of many nutrients that your body needs.

    An iron supplement is good for muscle growth and development thanks to its ability to maintain cellular function. Scientific evidence also shows that it has a key role in fighting fatigue.

    As a vegan, you can ensure you don't have an iron deficiency by taking iron vegan supplements. There are also plenty of good sources of iron found in plant foods, such as lentils, hemp seeds, tofu, and dark leafy greens such as kale.

    3. Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. It supports strong bones and lowers the risk of fracture.

    It's an important nutrient for physical performance, immunity, and improving overall muscle strength. It has a structural role in boosting immune health and allowing for the absorption of important nutrients like iron.

    You can take this supplement on a daily basis to support structural protein as well. Vitamin C is a huge powerhouse that even protects the cardiovascular system and prevents the oxidation of blood cholesterol.

    4. Odorless garlic

    Odorless garlic is a rich antioxidant that's great for heart health. Even a small amount can help with the repair of body cells and long-term fat loss.

    If you take this supplement on a daily basis, it can assist in raising testosterone levels to help with muscle growth and post-workout recovery. While the food source is helpful, taking vegan supplements in tablet form offers a convenient way to get these health benefits.

    5. Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin that's typically found in soil. Plant foods don't often have large amounts of B12 unless it's in nutritional yeast, tempeh, or seaweed.

    There are different forms. This is one of the nutrients that are important for vital functions of the brain and the nervous system.

    It helps prevent anemia. As a workout supplement, it helps ensure that you get optimal wellness by sending oxygen to your muscles as you use them.

    It's one of the main essentials for muscle growth and for metabolizing protein and fat. It even helps improve your energy levels for more endurance and longevity in workouts.

    While taking vegan supplements, it's still important to eat a diet with an abundance of whole foods like greens, lentils, cruciferous veggies, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and whole grains. Your vegan supplement can aid in a variety of benefits but shouldn't replace a healthy overall diet. When considering any supplement, contact your network of health professionals to ensure you're making the right choice for your optimal health.


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