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How VitaRx works

You’ll receive 30 customized daily vitamin packs containing a combination of vitamins you choose. There are 3 ways to create your packs:

Health quiz

Learn about vitamins that meet your health goals in 3 min!

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Build your own pack

Already know what you want to buy? Do it yourself!

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Pre-made packs

Shop pre-made packs for immunity, prenatal, fitness and more!

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What is VitaRx?

VitaRx offers personalized vitamin packs designed to support your unique health and wellness goals. With our research-backed health assessment, we guide you in selecting the best vitamins, minerals, and supplements for your specific needs.

Get your vitamin recommendations in 3 minutes

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Vitamins for your goals

Our quiz will give you recommendations based on the health goals you indicate. Here is a sample of what you may see.

Getting your vitamin intake is easy with VitaRx!

Here’s How it Works with Three Easy Steps


Design your own pack

Take our 3-minute health assessment and find out what vitamins, minerals & supplements are best for you! If you already know how to meet your health goals, you can browse our products and create your own personalized pack!


We deliver to your home

Every 28 days, you’ll receive a kit with a monthly dispenser box that contains your 28 customized, personalized vitamin packs. Orders over $20 receive free shipping!


Subscription with no contracts

You can easily change the vitamins and supplements in your subscription as your health needs change. No contracts. No commitments. No strings attached.

See what vitamins, minerals, or supplements are right for you - it’s 100% free!

Personalized Vitamins vs. Generic Bottles

Discover a new era of personalized vitamins tailored to you. It’s time to ditch the clunky bottles.

Vitamins personalized

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    Quiz focused on health goals that interest you

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    Recommendations that fit your diet & lifestyle (vegan / vegetarian etc)

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    Only vitamins that work with your allergies recommended

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    Results backed by science

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    Know what you should be taking in 3 minutes

Generic bottles

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    Reading countless different websites trying to figure out what is best for you

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    Researching which vitamins are best for someone with your diet

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    Studying supplement labels

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    Different websites with varying sources

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    Hours of analysis online

About the health quiz

VitaRx allows you to spend your money on supplements that work specifically for the goals YOUR body needs. With our personalized vitamin packs you take only what you need, nothing else.

Researched and reviewed

Researched and reviewed

Our health quiz has been thoroughly researched and reviewed by industry experts to make sure you are receiving the most appropriate recommendation to meet your needs

Adjusts to your diet  and needs

Adjusts to your diet and needs

Are you vegan? Have a nut allergy? No problem. Let us know and you will not be recommended anything that interferes with your diet choices or allergens.

Focused on YOUR goals

Focused on YOUR goals

One of the first things we do is ask what areas you want to work on so that the quiz will tailor its questions to health topics that you are interested in.

VitaRx customer reviews

The reviews are in... and our customers love us!


I love how convenient they are for me and I feel so much better since I've been taking them ... they feel so personal 🤗


Easy Peasy

Love that they're so easy to grab and go in the morning and I know I'm getting what I need.


5 stars

These vitamins are well chosen for my everyday needs. I taking the quiz to find out what will work best for my body.


Frequently asked questions

Here are some general questions you may have about vitaRx and the packs we offer.

Get your personalized vitamin recommendations in less than
3 minutes.

Take the Health Quiz

Get your personalized vitamin recommendations in less than
3 minutes.

Take the Health Quiz